Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Notes from Rodger

Again today, many teachers, nurses, corrections officers, and government officials came to get eye exams and eye glasses. 

They came to the TWECS clinic not because they cannot afford glasses, but because there is no where else to go to get the glasses they need to do their daily jobs. 

I heard of a couple of people that rode their bikes for over a 2 hour journey just to come to get eye exams and glasses. Everyone is so grateful for the service that we are providing.  Everywhere we go people wave, in the street people stop us just to say thank you. 

It is so gratifying in the eye glass dispensing room, to see peoples faces light up with joy at being able to see clearly again for both reading and for distance.

  We ask them to look out the window and ask “can you read the side of the blue truck that says “CHOO-CHOO”…” and then you see a huge smile.

Rodger Konkle

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