Friday, January 31, 2014

The Distribution....What a beautiful sight

What a beautiful sight it was today!  Seeing hundreds of smiling happy children greeting us with high fives and songs.  You would never know that the school lost a teacher and 1000 children to Typhoon Yolanda.

The second floor has been converted into a homeless shelter with 5 families per classroom.  Their clean laundry hangs drying in the morning sun from the balcony railings. Some of the roof is gone and the drainage is finally been cleaned in the courtyard. The school is still without hydro power, but it is still school as usual.   Our team did vision screening on the children.  After which we distributed the relief goods donated by hundreds of British Columbians solicited by Evan and Emma.

It is so gratifying to personally give donations to people that need it most.  

Often times you don't know who your donation will go to, but in this case we did and it was very rewarding for our team.  The boys wear the popular basketball uniforms donated by St. Thoms More Secondary.

It was wonderful to watch the teachers and the students modelling the clothes, trading the clothes and some clutching very tightly to the clothes.

We will be doing a distribution as well in Tanauan on Sunday.  Tanauan had many casualties of Yolanda as it was the first landfall.

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