Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Yolanda Relief Goods Container Arrives Finally!

Derrick and David departed from the eye clinic today to unload the shipping container that finally arrived in Tacloban after its long journey from Vancouver.   

This container was graciously shipped by the Rotary World Help Network and was packed with disaster relief goods by Marina, Derrick, Evan and Emma and their friends. 

Derrick and I arrived at the unloading compound this morning and were soon met by an Army 6x6 truck full of the Pilipino Army Stormtroopers.  

With their help, in  4 hours we were able to unload and sort hundreds of boxes, then reload a wing truck for our upcoming distribution in Tanauan, Leyte and Tacloban City.    

It must be noted that the hot, sweaty, tiresome work done today pales in comparison to the efforts of making this shipment happen back home in Canada.  

It was an absolute pleasure to be a small part of what Emma and Evan started  and the effort of countless others who have done so much to assist the people of the Philippines in their time of need.  

 Evan and Emma, thank you for allowing me to be part of your visionary work you are accomplishing.   

Prior to Typhoon Yolanda, there was a considerable discrepancy between the rich and poor in this part of the world, and this eye project would have only focused on the poorest of the poor.   But, things have changed, and were put into perspective for us.  An affluent businessman told us yesterday, that Yolanda was "The Great Equalizer".   The poor have nothing, and now the rich have nothing.  So many people in the typhoon ravaged area require some help, regardless of socio economic status.  

The Team would like to dedicate today's blog posting to Evan and Emma for their amazing efforts of preparing a shipment that will help so many that have lost so much.  

Salamat (Thank You ) Evan and Emma

David Sakaki
Team  Yolanda Tacloban

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